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Love your face & teach your daughters to love their faces too!!!!
Many mothers provide direct instruction on daily self-care practices that both prevent and heal damaged, weathered, or aging skin.  Unlike other cells on your body, skin cells die, slough off, and generate anew. The outermost layer of skin is made up of "dead" skin cells.
You may notice that your skin is dry and flaky especially in cold and dryer seasons of the year. Newer skins live underneath these dead cells, and as the one layer is sloughed off, a new layer of skin cells emerge. Although skin regeneration continues over your lifetime, it does slowdown with age. 
My own mother taught her three daughters about the importance of daily skin care. She believed in the importance of personal hygiene with a specific focus on her hair and face. My mother enjoyed wearing make-up and like many women of her generation, she chose to dye her hair blond for most of her adult life. Her skin was always youthful looking, and she was often mistaken for a a much younger woman. 
Spending your time on your personal self-care rituals and sharing some of your secrets with your daughters is an idea during this pandemic. Planning a "Girls Night-In Wellness Party" in your own home with your daughters is easy. You may wish to order a few new products including face washes and mud masks to compare for yourselves. 
Skin Care Wellness Date or Party Planning includes: 
  1. Ordering One or Two New Product Lines to try at least two weeks in advance. Online research on skin care and skin care products is fascinating as so many lines exist. 
  2. Creating a formal invitation for your girls. Be as creative as possible and ensure that you use inspiring phrases or thoughtful words that are meaningful to both you & them! 
  3. Excluding your husband and sons from the party and from the part of the house you plan to occupy. 
  4. Preparing healthy non-alcoholic vegetarian or vegan snacks and beverages. Too many young people pair social events with alcohol today. Making your Wellness Parties Dry models how to have fun without feeling intoxicated. 
  5. Rolling up your face and hand towels in a fancy hotel-style fashion for use on your face, neck, and hands. Reserve some towels for your hair if your hair is long, and likely to get entangled in products used. 
  6. Boiling tap water and regular bowls to heat face cloths for use on your skin prior to the application of skin products. 
  7. Using sliced cucumbers to cover your eyes once mud masks have been applied. Mashing 2-3 ripe avocados for use on the tops of your bare hands and feet. You may also beat in a fresh egg or two and a tablespoon of olive oil as well. 
  8. Reserving at least 2 hours to clean your skin and apply new products. 
  9. Organizing a series of Skin Care Wellness Parties to heal your skin and your relationships during periods of intense "togetherness". 
Consider expanding your Skin Care Wellness Party to include all members in your home or your girlfriends online.
Lisa Romano-Dwyer is the CEO of Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates and a registered social worker & psychotherapist. 

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