Natural Beauty Deserves Fragrance & Toxin Free Skin Care

An unfortunate reality of modern times is the negative impact of climate change on the environment. You likely think about these changes in relation to the earth and not your personal health, mental health, and wellness.Perhaps, during this period of isolation, you have thought more about the planet and human health. 

Over the past twenty years, there has  been an increase in skin sensitivities, the cause of which remain mostly unknown. In cases where skin sensitivity appears to be linked to food intolerance or allergies, skin products used to soothe and relieve minor irritations need to be safe and free from harsh ingredients known to further dry, roughen, or inflame your first line of defense.

Skin is your largest human organ covering all parts of your body. The main function of your skin is to protect your internal organs and to prevent harsh or foreign elements from entering your blood and circulatory system causing infection, harm, and possibly death. 

 The skin on your face is often the first part of your body that people in your world will see. Your smile and eyes are the most common parts of your face that people use to assess your mood and overall well-being. You communicate more about your mental and physical health through your face than you might at first realize. 

Using Eco-friendly products created with naturally sourced botanical ingredients and fresh lake waters is an excellent way to make one small, yet significant change that promises to clean, repair, and protect your skin without harming the planet. 

Trust your FACE to the best Natural products available. Our products are safe for use with your current products. Completely transparent, our product boxes list all ingredients for your personal reassurance as well.

Start your NEW ethical skin care program today and enjoy the small difference that makes the difference in your health.

 Sunny dispositions deserve to shine! 

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