The Physical Dimension of Wellness


The first step to feeling well each day is a routine of self-care and personal grooming. Before you meet and greet your friends, you must first greet and nurture your own face and body.  Often taken for granted, your early morning self-care rituals set the tone for the rest of your day.  

Many people start each day with a shower or bath that may involve washing your hair, face, and entire body. Brushing your teeth well is also a mood enhancer.

Wearing a change of clean clothes each day is also important to your mood.  Having clothes that project your personal taste and style is a real way to demonstrate your preferences and sometimes virtues to people in your social circles. 

People may be able to determine your classical, corporate, funky, grungy, heavy metal, emo, gothic, hip, comfortable, gently-used, religious, or more personal styles by how you dress

It is not that you wish to have people assess and judge you by what you wear per se, but rather what you wish to project or demonstrate about your unique and special self to the world.  

Take the time to consider how you prepare yourself each day even before your day begins.  Personal hygiene rituals are healthy habits that begin in childhood.

Healthy practices of self-care are important over the course of your lifetime and often signify how well you may or may not be feeling or doing. 


Dr. Romano-Dwyer RSW

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