What is Wellness Life Coaching ?

Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates, LWTA Wellness Life Coaching is an emerging practice that uses an integrative wellness model that helps clients find life balance.

Centralized on the mind-body connection, LWTA Wellness Life Coaches help clients to assess personal needs, aspirations, and goals.

Assisting clients to identify those aspects of life they value most, the LWTA Wellness Life Coaching Model will encourage your clients to progress towards personal life goals in a balanced and healthy fashion. Psychotherapy-Informed Wellness Coaching draws upon lived-experiences to help inform your clients future. It implements a highly personalized form of wellness that honors your clients own history and life stories. 

There are many psychological models that help people feel better about emotionally challenging experiences. LWTA Wellness Life Coaching integrates evidence-informed strategies proven to help reduce the negative impact of toxic moods that drain positivity and joy. 

There are also many physical exercise programs, classes, and martial arts programs that enhance your natural body to heal, strengthen, and maintain health. In a similar fashion, the food you prepare and eat also shapes the ways you feel and experience the world. 

LWTA Wellness Life Coaching integrates all of the domains of your life and helps you to identify those areas that require a tune-up or adjustment. The LWTA method ensures that you drive your own Wellness Bus to be the best YOU possible.

It may be the best investment in your personal health and wellness you will ever make! 

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