Eco-Ethical Consumerism

What does ethics have to do with your passion for shopping? Is it possible for you to enjoy shopping and contribute to the well-being of the planet? 
When you take the time to carefully consider the products you are buying online and in stores, you will discover that there are many eco-friendly companies. Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates believes that eco-ethical consumerism is possible.
Botanical and mineral-based Skin Care products are mostly naturally sourced from plants, vegetables, and mineral beds. Carefully manufactured, all products are  naturally scented and safe for daily use. 
Sold in recyclable jars, tubes, and boxes, our products are simply designed to minimize complications in manufacturing. All product ingredients are included on the box, so that you may do your own research as required.
Once you decide that each item you purchase does in fact contribute to the health of the planet, the better you’ll feel about spending your money. 
Eco-consumerism is a personal choice that may or may not cost more than massed produced brands. Do your part to buy wisely. Sunny dispositions deserve to shine - inside & out!