Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates Character Education Products

Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates is a proud supporter of effective programs designed for children and youth. Research shows that Kindness Empathy Respect Tolerance Fairness Loyalty Bravery Integrity Honour Courage Self Control and Honesty are fundmental to reducing bullying behaviours and the negative impacts of bullying.


Components include a series of books and therapeutic guides and workbooks. Building Sensible Solutions is an Activity Workbook for social workers, child and youth workers, counsellors, teachers, and parents. It includes 40 CBT-humanities informed activities that really work to help young people identify, process, understand, and talk about feelings. Arts-based counselling activities engaged marginalized students in meaningful dialogue about their feelings. Findings revealed that students are likely to engage in meaningful relationship with teachers, child and youth workers, social workers and psychologists.The Boys of Milverton Early Chapter Readers is a series for children who enjoy everyday adventures. Purposefully written as virtues-based stories of friendship, moms and dads who coach new readers will discover the joy that novels bring to children as they learn about empathy, respect, kindness, loyalty and self-control.